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We met in Charleston, South Carolina where we fell in love with a city that is well known for its amazing food and beverage options.  As much as we enjoy the food scene in Charleston, we also enjoy cooking and entertaining at our home, which led us to explore premade drink mixes.  We envisioned a craft cocktail that was made from all natural ingredients, was not premixed with alcohol and was different than the typical mixes that filled the shelves.  We loved the idea of adding our favorite liquor, while enabling us to pour just the right amount.  We wanted a smaller serving size so we could stop throwing away unfinished bottles taking up space in the refrigerator, something small enough that we could easily pack and take to the park, beach, camping, or on the water.  One evening while crafting drink recipes in our kitchen and feeding our daughter a fruit puree from a squeezable pouch we had the idea of combining the two and Concoct was born!

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