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  • Can you add liquor to the pouch?
    Yes, liquor can be added to the pouch. Unscrew the cap, add your desired liquor, shake, pour over a glass of ice, and enjoy.
  • Do you have to add liquor?
    No, a Concoctail can be enjoyed without liquor. Make the perfect mocktail by pouring over ice and adding a splash of sparkling water or other carbonated beverage.
  • Why do the pouches have a three month shelf life?
    Our mixers are made with all natural ingredients. We do not add unnecessary preservatives, dyes, or chemicals to our product just to extend the shelf life.
  • Does the pouch need to be refrigerated?
    No, refrigeration is not required until it is opened. Once opened the pouch needs to be stored in the refrigerator and consumed as soon as possible.
  • Can the un-opened pouch be stored in the refrigerator?
    Yes, storing the un-opened pouch in the refrigerator will preserve the flavor and color of the drink mix with the added bonus of having a cold refreshing drink ready when you are.
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