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Son of a Beach

Son of a Beach

A delicious blend of pineapple juice, lime juice, and habanero pepper juice.     

  • Product Details

    The sweet, refreshing pineapple combined with the sourness of the lime starts off the flavor profile of the drink and ends with the perfect amount of warmth from the habanero pepper.


    This drink can be mixed with your favorite clear liquor, we recommend tequila or vodka.


    Create a Concoct Mocktail by adding a splash of sparkling water or other carbonated beverage for a flavorfull alternative.

  • Directions

    All of our pouches come ready for you to add your favorite liquor directly to the pouch.  Add 4 oz of the liquor of your choice for the perfect craft cocktail.  Shake and pour over ice, at home or responsibly on the go!

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